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SENSES by Steph

Awaken your senses

My relaxing and rejuvenating range of Body Treatments & Rituals, and Facials

Everyone deserves to be pampered


Awaken your senses with my favourite 3 in 1 treatment.

  1. To start, we will begin with a top to toe body brush helping to improve poor circulation, dry skin & cellulite.

  2. Once the muscles have been warmed, relax and enjoy my Back, Neck & Shoulder massage using one of my nourishing body oils. This massage will release any tension leaving you to feel like you're floating.

  3. This treatment is then completed with my Serene Booster Facial which is tailored to you and your concerns leaving your skin glowing and feeling wonderful. Within your facial you will receive an rejuvenating facial massage and relaxing scalp massage.


It truly is a blissful experience!

(*Not suitable in pregnancy)

Skincare products


60 Minute

Total Serenity







The y-zone massage


This is the perfect treat for those who suffer with migraines/headaches and any tension across the shoulders and in the neck.

Using relaxing massage oil, we begin this enlightening treatment focusing on the shoulders. Effleurage, kneading  & stretching techniques are used to help release any built up areas of tension. The massage is then pulled up the neck into the scalp helping to

de-stress and unwind the mind. Using pressure point and lymph drainage massage, the face will immediately look more radiant, increasing circulation, preventing fine lines & wrinkles as well as draining any toxins leaving you feeling on top of cloud 9.

‘Y’ wouldn’t you love this treatment?


'Sole' Serenity 

Suffer with sore, tired and achey feet?

This might be just the right treatment for you!

Start this treatment with a foot rasp and invigorating foot exfoliation to help remove any dry skin on the soles of your feet.

Once removed with hot mitts, your feet will be smothered in a deliciously smelling foot mask, popped into heated booties and left to toast away whilst the foot mask absorbs into the skin.

Whilst your feet are enjoying some well deserved TLC, enjoy and deep leg massage  working from the ankles up to you hips aiding in relaxation for those tight quads and calfs.

To finish off this treatment you will then receive a serene foot massage leaving your feet and your legs feel as light as a feather.

Acupressure Neck Massage

30 Minute

The Y-Zone Massage 



Foot Reflexology

40 Minute

'Sole' Serenity 



Lie back and enjoy a deeply therapeutic body massage using heated volcanic stones to help soothe aches and pains.

This treatment will penetrate heat deep into the muscles in your body aiding in complete relaxation and leaving you feeling rejuvenated 

Using enriching aromatherapy oil, let your body drift away with either a back massage or full body massage.

Leave this deep tension relieving body experience feeling like a new person!

This treatment is perfect for anyone suffering with deep muscles tension, chronic pain,  stress and fatigue.

A deluxe body experience.

(*Not suitable in pregnancy)

Hot Stones Massage

45 Minutes

Hot Stone Back Massage



Hot Stones Massage

75 Minute

Hot Stone Full Body Massage




Ignite your senses with this totally indulgent Spa Treatment.

Using a mix of herbs and spices encased in a muslin cloth and heated using steam, allow your body to drift away into a world of pure relaxation.

These herbal compress balls are worked over the body using different techniques to allow the muscles and joints to reap all the benefits.

The benefits of this treatment are...

- Relives pain and inflammation

- Relives stress and fatigue

- Improves blood circulation

- Detoxifying

- Alleviates Arthritis 

- Improves skin complexion

- Soothes sore and overworked muscles

- Induces deep relaxation and sleep

- Assists alignment and postural integrity of the body

(*Not suitable in pregnancy)

Herbal Compress Balls

45 Minute

Thai Poultice Back Massage



Herbal Compress Balls

90 Minute

Thai Poultice Full Body Massage



Serene by Steph is an adult-only treatment room and is available for anyone over the age of 16 years.

I ask you that arrive 10 minutes prior to your treatment booking time to complete necessary medical forms


*Your full treatment time includes a consultation along with a 5 minute turnaround time*

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